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Mentorix is proud to present the world's first fully accredited e-learning for self-study in IT asset management. IT ASSET MANAGEMENT (ITAM) forms an important element in a business strategy enabling cost control, risk reduction and improved business value in the IT asset lifecycle, including all aspects of hardware and software used in an organization.

This 2-day foundation course provides an introduction to IT Asset Management and is aimed at anyone new to ITAM. From IT administrators with an operational focus to the CFO with a budgetary responsibility. The attendees will be able to understand the concept and purpose of ITAM and how ITAM can benefit their organisation. Furthermore, the participants will achieve an understanding of the licensing complexities related to IT operations in terms of software and hardware updates and acquisitions.

A main focus of the training program is to expand upon the workflow and define the key roles within the ITAM disciplines across financial, contractual, inventory departments as well as highlighting the cultural change that could ensue for end-users in an IT environment.

The ITAM Foundation Course is based on IT Service Management (ITSM) best practices and the ISO standards (ISO 55000 and 19770), introducing the participants to the ITAM work frame in terms of IT governance and optimization of the IT Assets from procurement through to disposal.

The training program will cover the four key ITAM areas and their interaction in relation to contract management, compliance, information security, cost control and IT business value:

  • Hardware Asset Management (including Mobile devices)
  • Software Asset Management
  • Services and Cloud Asset Management
  • People and Information Asset Management (including Bring Your Own Device)

Attending this 2-day ITAM Foundation course, you will achieve an overall understanding of:

  • Why your organisation needs ITAM
  • The ITAM business disciplines and best practices
  • The challenges and benefits associated with ITAM in a dynamic IT environment
  • The four key ITAM areas and their interrelation (SAM, HAM, SEAM, PINAM)
  • The IT asset lifecycle from procurement through to retirement and disposal
  • What to be aware of in daily IT operations in regards to compliance
  • How to assess the ITAM objectives of your organisation
  • The ITAM ecosystem and key stakeholders
  • How the ISO methodology and ITSM best practice approach can contribute to a successful ITAM program
  • Risk and cost control of your IT Assets
  • How to achieve compliance within the four key ITAM areas

A successful ITAM program involves several departments in your organisation such as budget managers, IT service departments and finance. The ITAM Foundation course is designed for all key personnel in these functions. We recommend that the course is attended by several employees from these areas in order to enable a successful and coherent ITAM focus throughout your enterprise, as well as individuals can also benefit from this foundation course.


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